barcraft bites [hors d’oeuvres trifecta]


Over the weekend, I attended a BarCraft event at my friend’s home. We’ve had BarCraft events here before (with the occasional karaoke involved), but none of this caliber. Blizzard, being the awesome folks that they are, sent Ray some StarCraft swag to help with the festivities.


PRESENTS!! A GSL calendar, TONS of coasters, authenticators, stickers, and lanyards!

To prepare his bar for eSports, Ray put decorations honoring all of the international StarCraft teams.


Unlike Joeyray’s Bar on Mar Sara, Ray’s Bar in California does not stock Benson Cognek or Scotty Bolger’s Old No. 8, but there is a plethora of other fine spirits…

blog_barcraftbites_barNo shortage of refreshments here. 

In order to have a proper BarCraft, we had to have proper bar food and that was my job. I created a menu full of finger food that could be easily enjoyed with a beer-in-hand. Each race is proudly represented here in a very foodie fashion:


For Terran, I’ve created the Hellbat Sliders, turkey sliders with a spicy BBQ base and apple coleslaw. These hellbats won’t damage your economy.


For Zerg, I’ve created Swarm Host Bites, stuffed mushrooms with mozzarella cheese and Italian sausage. Warning, unlike in-game swarm hosts, these swarm host bites cause major splash damage!


Finally, for Protoss, I’ve created Tempest Croissants, prosciutto, spinach and mozzarella stuffed croissants. Let these croissants siege your taste buds.

These recipes are meant to be very simple and I will be taking some shortcuts in order to reduce the prep time and the ingredients list.

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psionic storm burgers [lamb burgers with horseradish tzatziki]


Playing StarCraft II multiplayer can be a bit of a mental strain for me. I don’t think I’m up to the challenge of sitting down and laddering non-stop for hours. I end up getting absurdly frustrated and the more I play, the worse I preform. Even 3v3 and 4v4 games can be pretty exhausting for me (the fact that my laptop can’t handle 4s anymore doesn’t help either).

There’s days I want to play StarCraft without really playing StarCraft, which is why I turn to the “Arcade” section of StarCraft. The Arcade section is full of games created by players from around the globe who’ve messed around with the map editor to create some really spectacular things.

One of my favorite games in the whole world is StarJeweled. It combines my love of StarCraft and my unhealthy addiction to match-3 puzzle games.

I will admit that I am much much better at StarJeweled than StarCraft. My skills of match-3 puzzle games was fine tuned during my business calculus classes in college. In my defense, optimizing revenue with integrals is super boring compared to my fancy puzzle games on my phone… Zzzzz



In StarJeweled, you earn energy by matching 3 or more of the same jewels. Energy can be spent on building units or using skills. One of the skills that can be used is everybody’s favorite AoE High Templar skill, Psionic Storm.

In StarJeweled, Psionic Storm is pretty helpful in destroying the continual onslaught marines coming to destroy your lovely base.

Though I am not a Protoss player, I can still enjoy the lovely destruction caused by dropping a big ol’ Psi storm on a flock of marines. I assume that a Psi storm leaves quite a sting, similar to eating a bunch of horseradish on a lamb burger! Ok, a well place Psi storm will be a bit more painful than eating horseradish-covered lamb burger… But at least this lamb burger with horseradish tzatziki is delicious!

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muta and bane noodles [surf and turf garlic noodles]


I will admit that I have been playing a lot less StarCraft than I would like. I wouldn’t say that I’m entirely out of the loop because I do watch streams and various tournaments. One of my friends was kind enough to host an MLG Anaheim viewing party — it’s like your own private Barcraft!

I volunteered to cook and I decided to make these burgers. There may have been significantly more Jack Daniel’s than usual though. Oh well!

Tournament play showcases some of the latest and greatest builds from the top players. However, I really only pay attention to the Terran builds.  GLORIOUS HELLBAT MASTER RACE.


Like many Terrans, I love the sweet smell of hellion-roasted drones on a fine afternoon. But, after seeing the offerings Blizzard has at this years San Diego Comic-con, I may have to reconsider my stance on Zerg abuse.



I’m not a big convention-goer, so I’ve never been to or had the desire to go to Comic-Con. I honestly don’t think I could handle the insanity that is Comic-Con. But for those awesome folk who are in San Diego right now, I salute you and your tenacity!

Speaking of awesome folk, a few of my friends from Geek Panda Apparel have offered to rescue me a cute little plush zergling of my own! Amazing, right?! The zergling plush pretty darn adorable. Look at that smile!

So maybe I’m developing a soft spot for the zerg, which is why this recipe is goes out to the Swarm.

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fungaled fusilli [avocado pesto pasta salad]


The weather is getting warmer and that means it’s time for summer foods! Hooray!

With Soulkey pulling off a miraculous win against INnoVation, it’s time to crown another Zerg GSL Champion and time for another Zerg recipe!


More eSports events need people in monkey costumes. 

If Soulkey’s plays have inspired you to hop onto ladder, I suggest that you do not ladder on an empty stomach!

So if you’re looking for a meal that will satisfy your hunger during the heat, try out this recipe: Fungaled Fusilli! It’s green and lean!

Fungal Growth has never been this delicious… The avocados in this dish provide a healthier alternative to standard creamy pasta sauces. In this application, I’m using the avocado sauce for cold pasta salad.

There is no need to be scared of this fungal growth, because it won’t root your army or ruin your drop play.


How could you say no to roasted veggies? 

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force field sticky rice [mango sticky rice with blueberry sauce]


In the right hands, the Force Field can be a very dangerous tool used to rip apart and isolate opposing armies. It doesn’t really get that much use in a PvP scenarios as Guardian Shield is much more useful (plus, you usually don’t have an abundance of Sentries in PvP anyway).

I personally have watched my glorious Terran reach an untimely demise due my poor micro which led to my Marauders and Marines smashing their dumb faces on an invisible shield. Should’ve waited for Medivacs…

Unlike your standard Force Felds, these Thai-inspired Force Fields will always be a welcomed treat in your base.

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